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APRIL News & Updates

"Monty Alexander got a standing ovation before he’d even played a note."

- USA Today

​"Alexander is a sophisticated improviser with a populist touch; his percussive soloing offers a lesson to all those younger players who seem terrified of venturing from the middle register."

- The London Times


April 22

April 25

June 16

June 22/23

Los Angeles, CA

June 29

July 1

Kingston, Jamaica

July 13

July 14

July 29

August 1

Göteborg, Sweden

August 2

August 11

August 25

(*) Dates not exhaustive and/or may change



We now sell Monty Alexander Jazz Festival T-SHIRTS at Monty's concerts!!!!!!

You can also always buy them at the Monty Alexander Jazz Festival, 9th Edtion!! Easton, MD this Labor Day weekend 2018

(Aug 31-Sept 2, 2018).

P.S: But if you're a good friend, Monty will give you one ;)

"The Monty Alexander Jazz Festival has evolved over the last eight years into a very classy small town Jazz Festival and probably the best in the USA. It is classy without being pretentious or exclusive and is attracting a diversity of audiences."

- The Talbot Spy


- G. MacTaggart-Buffalo News 1/29/18

- Will Friedwald 1/3/18

"The kid is a gas!"

- Frank Sinatra, 1965



Worldwide Management:

Caterina Zapponi Alexander

(**) Bookings in collaboration with:

Katherine McVicker/Music Works International (EUROPE except France)

Christophe Deghelt/MyBuzz (Exclusive FRANCE)

Arc Artists (USA)

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