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APRIL News & Updates

"Monty Alexander got a standing ovation before he’d even played a note."

- USA Today

​"Alexander is a sophisticated improviser with a populist touch; his percussive soloing offers a lesson to all those younger players who seem terrified of venturing from the middle register."

- The London Times


April 22

Le Casino, Biarritz, France

April 25

Festival Jazz, Orleans, France

June 16

St. Cecilia Music Center, Grand Rapids, MI

June 22/23

Los Angeles, CA

June 29

Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal, Canada

July 1

Kingston, Jamaica

July 13

Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

July 14

Gulf Stream Jazz Festival, Barneville Carteret, France

July 29

Dinant Jazz, Dinant, Belgium

August 1

Göteborg, Sweden

August 2

Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival, Ystad, Sweden

August 11

Rockport Jazz Festival, Rockport, MA

August 25

Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, NYC

(*) Dates not exhaustive and/or may change



We now sell Monty Alexander Jazz Festival T-SHIRTS at Monty's concerts!!!!!!

You can also always buy them at the Monty Alexander Jazz Festival, 9th Edtion!! Easton, MD this Labor Day weekend 2018

(Aug 31-Sept 2, 2018).

P.S: But if you're a good friend, Monty will give you one ;)

"The Monty Alexander Jazz Festival has evolved over the last eight years into a very classy small town Jazz Festival and probably the best in the USA. It is classy without being pretentious or exclusive and is attracting a diversity of audiences."

- The Talbot Spy


"...anyone who attended the concert could probably rave about it for another week or two. It was that good."

- G. MacTaggart-Buffalo News 1/29/18

"What makes his current band his greatest is that rather than dividing up these two halves of his musical brain, now he constantly brings them together, performing on stage with essentially two ensembles simultaneously: a jazz trio gradually joined by a Jamaican-style rhythm section."

- Will Friedwald 1/3/18

"The kid is a gas!"

- Frank Sinatra, 1965



Worldwide Management:

Caterina Zapponi Alexander

(**) Bookings in collaboration with:

Katherine McVicker/Music Works International (EUROPE except France)

Christophe Deghelt/MyBuzz (Exclusive FRANCE)

Arc Artists (USA)

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