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MONTY ALEXANDER - World Wide release: March 29, 2024.

June 6, 2024, will mark the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings a.k.a D-Day. It’s also the day Monty Alexander turns 80. A highly symbolic historical concordance which the great musician naturally embraces for a unique tribute to this historical day with a recording that features wartime songs as well as original compositions. Through his music, Monty seeks to highlight the importance of understanding and unity, reminding us of the lessons learned from the past. It's an album that commemorates history, celebrates a milestone, and promotes a message of peace.

With bassist Luke Sellick and drummer Jason Brown, the album was recorded in Paris at Studio Sextan for the French label PeeWee!

  1. Intro

  2. I'll Never Smile Again (R. Lowe)

  3. Aggression (M. Alexander)

  4. Oh Why (M. Alexander)

  5. Restoration (M. Alexander)

  6. June 6 (M. Alexander)

  7. River of Peace (M. Alexander)

  8. Smile (C. Chaplin)

  9. V.E. Swing (M. Alexander)

  10. You can see (M. Alexander)

  11. D-Day Voices (M. Alexander/L. Alexander)

  12. Day-O (Trad.)

PW1013-DDay CD cover_edited.jpg
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