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 All Good Things...

New York City 

January 28, 2022

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the Monty Alexander Jazz Festival's loyal supporters, fans and sponsors, for a wonderful 10 years of my festival's name sake in Easton (MD), as I am stepping aside and letting this festival take a new shape and a new name.

I hope that my 10 years as Jazz festival artistic director and retuning performer have brought joy and upliftment to everyone in Easton; they certainly have for me. I hope that the local community of Easton Jazz fans and supporters will be able to take advantage of what Al Sikes, Don Buxton and I helped to create with the invaluable support of all the sponsors, and continue on with a new Jazz festival. At this time I will need to step aside but I hope you'll get involved and keep supporting Jazz in Easton in this new year, and I look forward to hearing about Jazz events in one of my favorite places.
A special thanks to my dear friend, Dr. William Edgar, who planted the first seed.

Thanks for 10 great years!


Monty Alexander

Former Artistic Director, The Monty Alexander Jazz Festival

Monty Alexander is a great showman with an acute vision of what makes a good jazz festival GREAT. His ability to field an eclectic group of world class performers is why this festival is attracting more fans and more diverse attendees every year.

--Chestertown Spy, 2016

Reflecting on Jazz, Easton, and Hope



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