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WAREIKA HILL, RastaMonk Vibrations is out now!

Wareika Hill (Rasta-Monk Vibrations) (MACD Records)

is more than a homage; it’s a personal statement

about Alexander’s roots, and a reconsideration of

Monk’s music in the context of West Indian influences.

--JAZZIZ Magazine

Maybe it was just my childhood memories connecting the two, but I was left with a deep impression that the world of monk and Rasta were one spirit. The way Rasta men would walk, talk and express themselves was a world within itself and so it was with Monk."

--Monty Alexander


Monty: the making of Wareika Hill

Kingston, Jamaica and New York, New York.

Several years in the making and infused with a lifetime of inspiration and appreciation, "WAREIKA HILL (RastaMonk Vibrations)", Monty Alexander's delightfully imaginative, unique and compelling interpretation of the music of Thelonious Monk, was released August 23 via MACD Records.

Featuring eleven newly recorded tracks as well as a bonus live track recorded in Paris, "WAREIKA HILL" is a mind-boggling collective of classic Monk songs infused with a sensibility that melds the worlds of Jazz, Ska and Reggae into a unique melting pot of Monk with a twist.

VIDEO Well You Needn't (bonus track from Wareika Hill) LIVE AT THE PARIS PHILARMONIE


Monty unveils the NEW CD!


or download the music on iTunes and Amazon

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